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At Big Green, we offer food waste collections to businesses and organisations across all of London’s 33 boroughs.

From collecting food waste from restaurants lining the bustling streets of Soho to taking care of the food waste disposal needs of government departments and financial businesses in the City of London, we offer a comprehensive service.

The disposal of food waste is a necessity for virtually all businesses and organisations in London.  While the catering sector appears to have the most obvious need for food waste disposal, the requirement extends across sectors to schools, large corporations, hospitals, hotels, and government departments.  For all these needs, Big Green can provide environmentally friendly waste solutions that reduce costs and ensure compliance with UK regulations.

At Big Green, we are constantly working to move towards a zero landfill target, helping our clients reduce the volume of waste they commit to landfill sites.  Through doing so we not only help to protect the environment, we also help our clients save money.  Working with our waste management teams to dispose of food waste through anaerobic digestion, our clients cut their costs through savings achieved by reduced landfill use.


Our Food Waste Collections throughout London

We can provide you with the expert advice and practical tools you need to ensure that food waste is efficiently separated and stored, ready for collection by our professional and reliable teams across London.  From raw fish and meat to waste cooking oils and out-of-date food, we can help you dispose of all types of food waste at a cost-effective rate.  When you partner with our fully-licensed services, you can guarantee that your food waste is being disposed of in complete compliance with UK regulations.

  • Food waste collections across London
  • Environmentally-friendly disposals
  • Collection services across all sectors

Our waste management provide coverage across all of London’s 33 boroughs.  Whether you are a tea room operating out of Marylebone, a restaurant on the South Bank or a government department situated in the City of London, we can provide you wish services to manage all of your waste disposal requirements.

1100We guarantee that, wherever you are situated in London, we can provide you with the professional and reliable waste collection service that you require for all your food waste.  We can tailor our collection schedules to your needs, offering daily collections, weekly collections or bi-weekly collections to meet the specific needs of your business or organisation.

Call our London-based waste management services today for a free-no-obligation quote on the services you require.  We can provide you with food waste storage, collection and disposal services that save you money.

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