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ManchesterWe offer glass recycling and collection services across Manchester, helping local businesses and organisations dispose of all their glass waste efficiently and cost effectively.  Our expert team can offer you the specialist waste management services you need to ensure that all your glass waste is safely stored, collected and recycled, avoiding the use of landfill sites.

If you want to cut the costs of your waste disposal and work with a service that can give you the guidance you need to make sure you comply with the most up-to-date regulations, Big Green is here for you - call us free on 0800 311 8410.

The services we offer across Manchester are available to all types of businesses and organisations in the city.  Whether you are a bar down at Deansgate Locks looking to dispose of glass bottles, a businesses with offices in the city centre or a school situated in Manchester’s surrounding areas, we can provide glass recycling solutions for you.  From Cheetham Hill to Old Trafford and Openshaw, our services span across the whole of Manchester.

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Why should my business recycle its glass?

Glass RecyclingThere are many reasons why it is beneficial for your business to recycle the glass waste it creates.  First and foremost, the separate storage of glass waste will become a legal requirement from 1 January 2015.  This means that all businesses and organisations in Manchester will be committing a criminal offence if they do not ensure that glass is separated into its own waste stream so that it can be recycled.

However, aside from ensuring you comply with the law, there are other reasons to make sure that your business recycles the waste glass it creates.

Recycling glass is good for your business because it allows you to reduce your waste disposal costs significantly.  Committing glass to landfill sites is costly as the use of landfill sites is heavily taxed by the government.  The larger the volumes of wast your business sends to landfill, the more it will be taxed. Through adopting a zero landfill waste approach and recycling glass, you can avoid these heavy taxes, cutting costs and ensuring you do not unnecessarily send waste ot landfill.

The environmental benefits of recycling glass are also considerable.  Through recycling its glass waste, your business can increase its sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of its waste.


We can offer you the hassle-free service your business needs to efficiently recycle its glass waste.  Our experts can offer you a comprehensive waste audit, we can provide you with the bins you need to separately store glass waste, and we can offer you tailored collection services to meet your requirements.

Call our Manchester offices today for a free quotation on the services we can provide for your business.  We can help advise you on the best solution for your particular needs and answer any questions you have about our Manchester services.

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