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Our team at Big Green can offer businesses and organisations across London the services they need to safely store and dispose of the hazardous waste they produce.

From hospitals and surgeries across the area to hotels and industrial premises, we can offer a comprehensive service to ensure your hazardous waste is stored, collected and disposed of in compliance with UK hazardous waste legislation.

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Hazardous waste is produced by companies and organisations across a large number of different sectors. As a broad term in itself, hazardous waste covers a large variety of waste types, from chemicals such as brake fluids to fluorescent lighting tubes, clinical waste, waste oil and batteries but to name a few.

The Leading Hazardous Waste Disposal Company in London

waste-oil-hoverBased in London, we aim to meet the needs of businesses and organisations across all 33 of London’s boroughs. We can provide hazardous waste storage and collection solutions to companies operating out of London’s key industrial areas of Greenford, Silver Town and Enderby’s Wharf.

However, it is not only factories and warehouses which produce significant volumes of hazardous waste. At Big Green, we understand all all types of businesses and organisations produce hazardous waste, and that is why the services we provide extend across the whole of London and its boroughs, encompassing areas as diverse as lively Soho, Canary Wharf, Brixton, Hackney and Redbridge. Wherever you are situated in London, we can provide you with the professional waste management services you need to deal with any hazardous waste you produce.

  • Coverage across the whole of London
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  • Expert advice on UK waste law

The multitude of UK regulations relating to the disposal of hazardous waste are extensive and complex. Businesses and organisations must ensure that their hazardous waste is separated not only from non-hazardous waste streams but also from other types of hazardous waste.

hazardous-waste-hoverIn addition to this, hazardous waste must be securely stored prior to its collection and must be disposed of by a fully-licensed waste management service. Businesses and organisations are also legally required to ensure that all correct paperwork, including consignment notes, is completed upon the collection of their hazardous waste. This is necessary for them to prove they have disposed of their hazardous waste in compliance with all relevant regulations.

At Big Green, our London-based waste management experts can provide you with the consultancy services you need to ensure you comply fully with all relevant waste legislation. We can offer you waste audits and advice on how to improve the efficiency of your hazardous waste management, helping you create significant savings.

Call our London offices today to find out more about the comprehensive hazardous waste management services we offer across London. Whether you need waste management services for a restaurant, factory, hotel or large corporation, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution.

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