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Plastic recycling is an important part of any waste disposal strategy and ensuring that plastic is recycled carries with it significant environmental benefits. Following the Waste (England and Wales Regulation 2012, businesses and organisations in London will be legally required to ensure plastic is separately collected from 1 January 2015.

At Big Green, our London-based waste management services can help you adapt to these incoming changes, working with you to increase plastic recycling rates and improve the efficiency of your waste management.

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At Big Green, we offer services to businesses and organisations across all sectors. From working with government departments and hospitals to banking firms and factories, our wide ranging services offer solutions for all.

Waste plastic is generated by businesses in virtually every sector, and our London-wide collection service is here to ensure that if you need to dispose of your plastic, you have an environmentally-friendly service to help.

From Shoreditch to Hounslow and Hackney to Chelsea, we cover the whole of London, providing green waste management solutions to help save you money while protecting the environment.

Plastic Recycling Bins London

We can provide you with the bins you require to separately store the waste paper your business or organisation produces. We can offer you 240 litre, 640 litre or 1100 litre bins depending on your particular requirements.

The collection service we provide spans across all of London’s 33 borough and can provide you business with paper waste collections it can rely on. We work with our partners to agree pre-arranged collection schedules and the ensure that these schedules are always adhered to. With Big Green waste collections, you can enjoy complete confidence in the knowledge that your waste will be collected when you need it to be, never leaving you with large volumes of uncollected waste on your premises.

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Call our London offices today to find out how the paper recycling services we offer could help you. if you want to lower costs and increase the sustainability of your business, Big Green can offer you the perfect solution. Call us today for a free-no-obligation quote on our services.


At Big Green, we are passionate about environmental protection and work with our clients across London to help them achieve a zero landfill waste target. Through working with our partners to recycle increasing volumes of their waste, we help them reduce their waste disposal costs, minimising the volumes of waste they send to heavily-taxed landfill sites.

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