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Big Green can provide your business or organisation in Manchester with the washroom services it requires. We are experts in waste management and can offer you a fully-licensed services to help with all aspects of your waste management processes. From providing you with the bins you need to store sanitary waste to advising you on waste legislation and ensuring your waste is collected on time, we offer a comprehensive service.

We work with businesses and organisations across a whole range of sectors. From the hospitality sector to the catering sector and the commercial sector to the industrial sector, the requirement for sanitary waste disposal services is universal. Our experienced team can work comfortably and efficiently across all sectors, providing you with the washroom service you need to ensure that all your sanitary waste is collected and disposed of in compliance with UK regulations.

Waste management consultancy in Manchester

Dealing with sanitary waste can be problematic for businesses and organisations in Manchester as it is classed as a hazardous waste substance. This means that it is subject to a number of stringent regulations. Businesses and organisations must ensure they adhere to regulations or risk facing unlimited fines.

Our Manchester-based team can offer you the specialist advice you need to make sure that all your sanitary waste is safely stored and responsibly disposed of.

Working to guide you through the myriad of legislation which covers the disposal of sanitary waste, we can help you implements the necessary steps to ensure you are fully compliant and deal with your sanitary waste in the most efficient manner possible.

We can advise you on any legislative changes which affect the waste processes of your business, and the free waste audits we offer can help you quantify the waste you produce and implement steps to manage that waste efficiently and effectively, reducing your costs in the process.

Washroom Hygiene Bins

UK law requires that all businesses and organisations provide suitable means of disposal for sanitary waste in all women’s washrooms.

At Big Green, we will provide you with the hygienic and secure sanitary bins you need to ensure high levels of feminine hygiene on your premises.

In addition to this, we can also provide you with large containers in which to store all types of waste prior to its collection. From 240 litre wheeled bins to 640 litre and 1100 litre options, we can provide solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes across the Manchester area.

Whatever size and whatever number of bins your business requires, we will ensure your sanitary waste disposal requirements are met.

The waste management and collection services we offer span across the whole of Manchester. Across the Northern Quarter to Piccadilly train station and Deansgate Locks, our collection service covers Manchester’s city centre and beyond.

If you need a Manchester-based waste management and collection service to help your business efficiently dispose of all its sanitary waste, call our team today. We can provide you with a comprehensive approach to washroom services in manchester, ensuring you comply fully with all UK waste regulation.

Call us today for a free-no-obligation quote on the services you require.


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