£100,000 to be spent by Hull City Council on expert recycling advice

Help for residents on what to recycle in which bins

Hull City Council is to spend £100,000 on expert advice on how to correctly use the recycling bins that every home in the UK is provided with. The overall aim of the spend is to help residents understand what items should be placed in which bin and to reduce the amount of wrong items being placed in the blue bins.

The council have said that incorrect items placed in the wrong bin is costing around £50,000 in penalties per month. A penalty is received if over 15% of the recycled rubbish contains incorrect items.

Hull City Council to offer recycling advice to residents

Hull City Council to offer recycling advice to residents


24,000 tonnes of recyclable rubbish is collected from households every year in Hull and around 20% of that total weight shouldn’t be placed in the blue bin.

A statement from the Council reports that about £60,000 of council tax payers’ money is going to waste because of the wrong type of rubbish going into bins, money which could be spent on improving other services.

The council believes that the campaign to raise public awareness on how to use the bins correctly will be money well spent and will, in the long term, help to keep costs down and improve the recycling services in the city.

2,150 blue bins have been removed by the council from residents that are believed to be consistently placing the wrong rubbish in the blue bins.

Blue bins should only be used to recycle cardboard, glass, paper, tins and some plastics.

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