Cardiff residents angry after fly-tipping increase

Residents in Cardiff city notice an increase in fly-tipping following council waste changes

Residents from multiple Cardiff city districts have spoken out about their anger towards the council as waste collection service changes seem to have led to an increase in the amount of fly-tipped waste being dumped on the city streets.

Homeowners in Penylan and Splott are blaming Cardiff City Council for the apparent increase in fly-tipping incidents which are being perpetrated in these two districts and in others around the city.


Residents angry at increased fly-tipping offences

Penylan, Cardiff


In July last year, the council introduced a new waste collection system to improve recycling rates. The old 240 litre black wheelie bins, which were previously held by residents, were replaced at a cost of around £2 million by Cardiff City Council with a new 140 litre black bin and a 240 litre green waste bin.

Residents across the affected areas claim that the new 140 litre bins are not large enough for most households and that this is one of the main causes for the increase in fly-tipping.

Homeowners claim that bags of waste and random items of trash are being dumped in city streets and lanes and are creating an “eyesore, obstruction and a health hazard”.

Ian Layzell, from Keep Our Neighbourhood Bin Free, said that the council does eventually collect the fly-tipped waste, but in some instances, it can be sat in the streets for weeks.

Despite the complaints from Cardiff residents, Cabinet member Bob Derbyshire from Cardiff City Council said that the new waste collection service has been successful and the council has seen a rise in the amount of waste being sent for recycling instead of to landfill.

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