County Durham men fined for fly-tipping controlled waste

Two men fined in court for fly-tipping air conditioning units and carpet

Two County Durham men have appeared in Peterlee Magistrates’ Court after being prosecuted by Durham County Council who caught the two men dumping waste items on rural land.

Andrew Forth and John Bowes used a van to travel to Warren House Gill, Horden, where they fly-tipped air conditioning units and a substantial amount of carpet in the countryside.

Durham County Council were informed of the fly-tipped waste and went to inspect the area. Council officers were able to consult a nearby and strategically-placed CCTV camera, which showed Forth and Bowes unloading the controlled waste from a white Ford Transit van.

Two men prosecuted for fly-tipping offences

The fly-tipped waste at Warren House Gill, Horden


The Council was able to trace the van’s registration number to its owner, Forth, who told the officer that his companion on the fly-tipping trip had been one John Bowes.

Bowes told Peterlee Magistrates’ Court that he had not participated in the actual fly-tipping offence but admitted that he had witnessed Forth fly-tipping and therefore pleaded guilty to allowing the illegal disposal of controlled waste. He was ordered to pay a £150 fine and costs of £330.

Forth, aged 29, pleaded guilty to fly-tipping and was was ordered to pay a £352 fine, costs of £410 and a £20 victim surcharge.

Ian Hoult, of Durham County Council, commented: “There is never any excuse for fly-tipping – or being involved in it. We will continue to take action against those who commit waste crimes as part of Operation Stop It and we would urge anyone with information about these types of offences to get in touch.”

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