East Northamptonshire residents do their bit to recycle food

The council has saved £20,000 with the help of recycling residents

East Northamptonshire Council has thanked residents for helping to recycle 220 tonnes of food waste in December 2015, saving the council £20,000 in landfill tax.

East Northamptonshire Council launched The Feed Your Caddy Campaign, a Recycle for Northamptonshire project, which residents must sign up to, after which they receive a information pack and a “I’m in to win” sticker which they stick onto their food waste council bin to be one of four household in with a chance of winning a prize every month.

The council initiative has encouraged more households to recycle their food waste using their council food caddies, resulting in the highest amount of food waste sent to be recycled in a single month, rather than to the landfill, since January 2014.

Every council in the UK must pay a standard landfill tax of £82.60 for every tonne of waste that is sent to landfill; this means that the residents in East Northamptonshire helped the council save more than £20,000 in just the month of December.

Local councillors are hoping that the initial success of The Feed Your Caddy Campaign will not dwindle and that East Northamptonshire residents recognise the difference that they are making by simply using their food waste bin.

Steven North, East Northamptonshire council leader, said: “I want to thank our residents for continuing to show their passionate commitment to recycling … We’re counting on your continued support to help ensure that East Northamptonshire’s recycling rate just keeps getting better and better.”

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