EU suggests more bins for UK households

A new European Commission report advises four recycling bins per UK household

A European commission report outlines demands that would see UK households separating their recycling into four different bins for food, metal, glass and paper, which would have to be collected separately by council waste collectors.

At present, residents in the UK must separate their household waste into two or three council bins; one of which is a commingling recycling bin that contains a separate compartment for paper waste. Many people up and down the nation already feel that the current number of council bins per household present an eyesore and that the system is not successful.

The European commission report comes just a few weeks after a freedom of information report revealed that UK councils are sending more recycling waste to landfill than in previous years, which many people feel makes a mockery of the public’s recycling efforts.

EU advises more bins to reduce waste commingling

EU suggests four wheelie bins per UK household


Hot on the heels of this, was a report released last week by resource company, Viridor, which claims that England’s waste management system is “outdated” and a resource network between the private and public sectors would be more beneficial for the country’s economy and the recycling rate.

When asked about the new European Commission report, eurosceptic MP Philip Hollobone, of the Conservative party, told The Sun newspaper: “These sort of decisions need to be taken in this country … They don’t need to be imposed on us by unelected bureaucrats from other countries and we are going to get more such interference if we stay In the EU.”

However, the EU report was also met with approval from some government officials in the UK, including The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, as the report suggests that separating recycling waste prevents the contamination that occurs when it is commingled.

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