A new Calderdale garden waste recycling service gets underway

The service will cost £40 a year for residents who sign up

Almost 2,000 residents have already signed up to a new garden waste recycling service that started in early April.

The new optional service has been organised by Calderdale Council and will work with waste contractor SUEZ. The scheme allows residents requiring their garden waste to be collected from home to opt-in to the new scheme.

Brand new bins, along with a leaflet covering the collection dates for the rest of the year, are being delivered and the first bin collections started on Saturday, April 9.

Garden waste service has 2,000 subscribers already

Garden waste service started by some councils, including Calderdale and Birmingham


Mark Thompson, the Council’s director of economy and environment, said: “This is the first step in a number of improvements to our waste and recycling services this year… Calderdale is already in the top 10 for recycling rates in England, but we want to help people recycle even more.”

The new service will cost residents £40 a year and includes a green wheelie bin and Saturday collections, every fortnight, from March to November.

For residents wishing to share the cost with neighbours or friends, a subscription service is available. They must register their subscription and arrange for collection from one household only.

Most familiar garden waste products are suitable for collection, such as hedge trimmings, grass cuttings and leaves but soil, rubble, plant pots and garden equipment are not acceptable.

A sack collection will be available for properties that are not suitable for a wheelie bin.

Other areas in the country have also introduced the new garden waste collection service, including Birmingham City Council, where residents pay an annual £33 fee for the fortnightly service if they sign up online.

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