New Mayor of London wants a ‘clean energy revolution’

The new Mayor of London aims to be the ‘greenest Mayor ever’

The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who defeated Zac Goldsmith to win by a clear majority, has proposed to become the “greenest Mayor ever”.

The successor to Boris Johnson has in the past spoke of his desire to spark a “clean energy revolution” within the capital, with his ultimate goal of seeing London running on 100% green energy by the year 2050.

Mr Khan’s pledges will now be put to the test, some of which include planting two million trees, introducing more electric buses, banning fracking in London and increasing the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

Air quality sits highly on Mr Khan’s green policy list. Recent media publicity from pressure groups, such as Greenpeace and Clean Air in London and from national newspapers, has somewhat heightened the concerns over the quality of air in the capital during the past decade.

YouGov did a survey recently in the capital, asking people what policies the new Mayor needed to administer to improve the quality of air in London. Many people have voiced their desire to see taxis and diesel buses removed from the capital’s roads.

A large number of people would also like to see more encouragement for electric vehicle purchasing and therefore, more charging points to be made available.

Mr Khan has in the past proposed a Clean Bus Corridors Scheme and for the Government to introduce a new diesel car ’scrappage scheme’, to encourage and support those wanting to change their vehicle for a greener one.

Thanks to a UK Supreme Court ruling in 2015, the Government has to come up with a new plan on how the air quality in the capital can be improved.

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