Waste experts reject criticism of local authority waste services

The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) hits back at council waste service criticism The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) has said that a recent report published by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), claiming that local authority food waste collection services were “self-serving”, should not be accepted as fact. The report published in recent […]

East Riding council has spent £1m on fly-tipping cleanup

East Yorkshire council spending taxpayers’ money on fly-tipping clean up According to the Pocklington Post, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has spent more than £1 million of taxpayers’ money cleaning up fly-tipped waste in the last three years. Since April 2013, the number of fly-tipping incidents have increased year on year; in total the […]

Scottish councils sign £700m waste recycling deal

Five Clyde Valley councils partner with Viridor to redirect landfill waste for recycling Five Scottish councils have signed a waste recovery contract worth £700 million with waste management firm Viridor, which will collect and recycle the districts’ municipal waste that was previously destined for landfill. The contract will run for 25 years and is to […]

Cardiff residents angry after fly-tipping increase

Residents in Cardiff city notice an increase in fly-tipping following council waste changes Residents from multiple Cardiff city districts have spoken out about their anger towards the council as waste collection service changes seem to have led to an increase in the amount of fly-tipped waste being dumped on the city streets. Homeowners in Penylan […]

A suburb in Rochdale invaded by a swarm of flies

Plastic recycling plant receives a skip of rotting food by mistake A suburb of Rochdale has been invaded by a swarm of flies after a plastic recycling plant received a skip of rotting food by mistake. Homes in the district of Smallbridge have been over-run with hundreds of flies, after a skip of rotting food […]

New Mayor of London wants a ‘clean energy revolution’

The new Mayor of London aims to be the ‘greenest Mayor ever’ The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who defeated Zac Goldsmith to win by a clear majority, has proposed to become the “greenest Mayor ever”. The successor to Boris Johnson has in the past spoke of his desire to spark a “clean energy […]

Study claims reducing food waste is key to cutting emissions

New research suggests that reducing food waste would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions A new study published in the Environmental Science & Technology journal claims that reducing global food waste and changing consumer behaviour is key to reducing worldwide carbon emissions. The article, titled ‘Food Surplus and its Climate Burdens’ was produced by a team […]

A new Calderdale garden waste recycling service gets underway

The service will cost £40 a year for residents who sign up Almost 2,000 residents have already signed up to a new garden waste recycling service that started in early April. The new optional service has been organised by Calderdale Council and will work with waste contractor SUEZ. The scheme allows residents requiring their garden […]

Northamptonshire woman fined for fly-tipping

Former shop owner fined £1.3k for fly-tipping business waste, including raw meat A woman from the Northamptonshire town of Wellingborough has been fined over £1,000 after council environmental officers connected her to a pile of fly-tipped business waste which had been dumped on farmland. The fly-tipped waste had been reported to East Northamptonshire Council by […]

Peterborough council expects food waste recycling growth

The Cambridgeshire council is now providing free food waste bags to encourage resident recycling Peterborough City Council is expecting a sharp rise in the amount of food waste being sent for recycling by residents after changing the free food caddy bags from biodegradable to plastic. The county of Cambridgeshire council said its already noticed a […]

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