Derbyshire council gets tough with fly-tippers

South Derbyshire District Council prosecutes the third fly-tipper in six months A Staffordshire delivery driver has been prosecuted by South Derbyshire District Council after he dumped commercial waste on a street in Church Gresley in March last year. The 50-year-old delivery driver fly-tipped cardboard boxes and plastic packaging materials in John Street, Church Gresley, despite […]

East Northamptonshire residents do their bit to recycle food

The council has saved £20,000 with the help of recycling residents East Northamptonshire Council has thanked residents for helping to recycle 220 tonnes of food waste in December 2015, saving the council £20,000 in landfill tax. East Northamptonshire Council launched The Feed Your Caddy Campaign, a Recycle for Northamptonshire project, which residents must sign up […]

Low oil prices threaten UK plastic recycling

UK plastic recycling sector continues to suffer as oil prices plummet The persistent low cost of crude oil is threatening plastic recycling firms in the UK, as manufacturers are finding it cheaper to buy newly produced plastic rather than recycled plastic. The UK has already seen a number of plastic recycling centres close as a […]

EU suggests more bins for UK households

A new European Commission report advises four recycling bins per UK household A European commission report outlines demands that would see UK households separating their recycling into four different bins for food, metal, glass and paper, which would have to be collected separately by council waste collectors. At present, residents in the UK must separate […]

Hong Kong celebrate commencement work at e-waste facility

Groundbreaking electronic waste facility to open in Hong Kong The cutting-edge e-waste facility is being developed by ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions Hong Kong, which is part of the German ALBA Group, and is forecasted to recycle around 56 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. ALBA IWS celebrated the commencement of building work at their […]

East London Brewery produces beer from old bread

Food waste charity founder creates beer from unwanted bread An east London brewery has developed a method for turning old bread into beer, after the beverage’s founder decided he wanted to do his little bit to tackle the issue of global food waste. Recent figures suggest that the UK wastes 15 million tonnes of food […]

Japanese village produces almost zero-waste

The inhabitants of a southwestern Japanese village have developed a method for recycling that results in almost zero-waste production. The village of Kamikatsu is located approximately 430 miles away from the bustling Japanese capital, Tokyo. The inhabitants of this small village have devised a way of significantly reducing landfill waste by separating items into categories […]

Glastonbury Festival admits breaching environmental regulations

Representatives of the Glastonbury Festival are being prosecuted by the Environment Agency and have gone before South Somerset and Mendip Magistrates’ Court charged with breaching environmental regulations during the 2014 festival. The Environment Agency claim that a faulty storage tank, connected to the festival’s sewerage system, had leaked a “large quantity” of human waste into […]

Bedfordshire waste recycling company in court for breaching permit rules

The director of a Bedfordshire wood recycling company has appeared in Luton Crown Court on behalf of his company after it breached the conditions of its permit. The company, which was based in Ampthill before its liquidation in 2013, was found to be in breach of its permit by the Environment Agency after they discovered […]

Call for government to reimburse landfill tax after nationwide flooding

A skip hire company has called on the government to reimburse flood effected councils their landfill tax payments in the midst of the major clean-up operations which are being carried out throughout the UK. More than 16,000 homes were flooded in December as the UK suffered one of the wettest Decembers yet recorded in British […]

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