90% Of English shoppers still forgetting their bags one week into the 5p tax

With nine out of ten having to pay for bags, are we charging enough? Two weeks into the English tax on single use carrier bags in supermarkets, ninety percent of shoppers are still heading out for their weekly shop forgetting their reusable bags. With millions of carriers still being issued by major stores every day, […]

The big allotment scam: How the system is stopping you from getting a plot

Enormous waiting lists, pigeon lofts and ‘dead man’s shoes’ Waiting lists of around six years are stopping British families from going green and taking allotments on which to grow their own produce. That’s the opinion of an environmentally-conscious green fingered waste management company which says that many council- and committee-run allotment spaces are literally a […]

Microbeads: Why your beauty regime is damaging the environment

Tiny plastic particles in beauty products causing chaos in ecosystems The battle to ban microbeads – the tiny plastic balls used in face washes and beauty creams – has crossed the Atlantic and is heading for Britain. While they are banned in some states in the US, a Yorkshire-based company says they are still perfectly […]

As recycling figures stall for another year: Have we got ‘Green Fatigue’?

Just what happened to the ‘Greenest government ever’? The latest government statistics for the recycling of waste managed by local authorities show that the UK is in danger of missing its 50% target set for the year 2020. While the figures show a slight rise in the rate of recycled household waste, they have remained […]

Bins Я Us: Wheelie Bin Store launches to boost business recycling

Bins Я Us: Wheelie Bin Store launches to boost business recycling Drop-in shop could offer advice and raise public awareness Town centre stores promoting recycling and selling waste management services could be the answer to Britain’s stalled efforts to hit national recycling targets, while saving companies big money into the bargain. According to a nationwide, […]

Poop in the Park: Beauty spots being wrecked as 70% of walkers caught short for the toilet

Inconsiderate hikers and day-trippers leaving filthy trail of destruction across our countryside Some of Britain’s best-known beauty spots are being destroyed by hikers, walkers and day-trippers who think nothing of defecating, urinating and leaving nappies behind them. A Leeds-based waste management company has seen the filth for itself, finding human mess all over the Yorkshire […]

Coffee pods emerge as new environmental ‘enemy’

Tiny plastic pots of convenience turn into a mountain of waste The rise and rise of the coffee pods – those tiny plastic and foil single-serving capsules that mean making a cup of fresh filter coffee is as easy as pressing a button – are emerging as one of Britain’s biggest environmental headaches, it seems. […]

Grim death toll as world’s oceans reach tipping point from our everyday waste

Save our seas from human rubbish The oceans of the world are filling up with human waste that is destroying sea life at an alarming rate, it’s been revealed. One British waste management and recycling company says that human activity is almost entirely to blame for a grim death toll as virtually no place on […]

Grape-ocalypse Now: Climate change could alter the taste of wine

Threat or opportunity for producers? Changes in the Earth’s climate will bring about changes in the taste and production of wines with some calling it a ‘grape-ocalypse’ as traditional growing areas are lost, it’s been predicted. Whether global warming is man-made or a natural phenomenon or a combination of the two, vine growers are already […]

Yorkshire still cleaning up after the Tour de France

Who pays as bikes, ribbons and graffiti still there months after the event The Tour de France may have left incredible memories of hundreds of thousands lining the route during its triumphant visit to Yorkshire last July, but the county is still clearing up the mess six months later. That’s the view of a Yorkshire-based […]

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