200 tonnes of illegal waste dumped at Edinburgh farm

An abandoned Edinburgh farm housing 200 tonnes of illegal waste disguised as packaged silage has been discovered The huge volumes of waste were discovered in outbuildings at Meadowfield Farm and would have cost over 60,000 to dispose of legally. Authorities believe this is the first crime of its type to have occurred in Scotland. Authorities […]

Supermarket till receipts wrap the world – every week!

PRESS RELEASE Over 26,000 miles of receipts issued as waste reaches ‘epidemic’ levels British supermarkets issue over 26,000 miles of till receipts every week – more than enough paper to go around the entire circumference of the world – and virtually all of it is wasted. These are the findings of a leading expert in waste […]

West-London residents outcry over fly-tipping

Homeowners on in the area surrounding High Road, Chiswick have condemned fly-tippers  leaving piles of rubbish littering the streets. Cardboard boxes, bin bags and old furniture are among the items which residents say have been left blighting the area. The London Borough of Hounslow has been the subject of criticism by many of those affected […]

Birmingham ‘garden tax’ leads to more fly tipping

A Birmingham Labour MP has called for the council to scrap the controversial ‘garden tax’ claiming it lacks support and credibility. Richard Burden, MP for Birmingham Northfield is the first senior Labour politician to come out against the council policy which was introduced by the Labour-led council earlier this year. Following the introduction of the […]

Interpol target illegal waste disposal in Scotland

Illegal waste disposal in Scotland is the subject of an international clampdown headed by Interpol. Gangs operating in Scotland have been profiting from the illegal disposal of waste, damaging the environment and jeopardising public health. Now, Interpol, Europol and the SEPA are set to intensify efforts to eradicate the problem, which has drawn comparisons with […]

MP calls for waste management clean up

A clampdown on rogue waste traders in the UK is needed, according to Labour MP Nick Smith. The MP for Blaenau Gwent has criticised “careless and hazardous practices” which he claims have lead to a number of costly waste fires. Mr Smith intends to bring the issue to parliament, where he hopes to attract the […]

Ebola outbreak demands medical waste rethink

An Ebola outbreak could expose UK medical waste disposal methods as “too reliant on out-dated procedures”, according to waste management expert Peter Selkirk. Selkirk has warned that current medical waste procedures could put those who handle the waste at risk of infection, with current processes not providing adequate protection for those involved. Calling for producers […]

Croydon crackdown on illegal waste traders

In a clampdown on rogue waste traders as part of the “Don’t Mess With Croydon” campaign, Croydon Borough Council has vowed to prosecute those found using the illegal services. Waste in Croydon must be removed by either a fully-licensed waste management service or by council services. The council has spoke out to warn businesses and […]

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