Dental Practice Waste Management

We are here to offer services to help with waste management in dentistry.

Our expert team have the knowledge and experience to help you streamline your waste management processes, saving you time and lowering costs while ensuring that all of your waste is stored and disposed of in compliance with UK waste legislation. Failure to comply with these regulations can carry heavy penalties, so it is essential for all dental practices to ensure that they do so.

At Big Green, we can provide comprehensive waste collection services to collect all types of waste. From clinical waste and sharps to packaging and recyclables, we can ensure that all your waste is correctly stored and then appropriately disposed of, reducing the environmental impact of your waste and lowering overall costs.

Dental practice waste collection

We can provide your dental practice with the waste storage facilities it needs to safely and secure all of the waste it produces. Our experts can advise you on the legal requirements relevant to the separation of waste and we will then provide appropriate bins.

We understand that the collection requirements of dental practices may differ. That is why we offer collection services that are tailored to meet the needs of each of our specific clients.

We can offer:

  • Daily collections
  • Weekly collections
  • Bi-weekly collections

Dentist Waste Management

Through a combination of the ideal storage solutions and personalised collection schedules, we can ensure that your dental practice disposes of its waste efficiently and effective without having to devote disproportionate amounts of time to the process.

The collections we provide are monitored via real-time reports. Therefore, when you work with Big Green, you can have confidence that you waste will always be collected on time. You will never be left with uncollected waste.

Acquiring our services

Dental practice waste disposal

If you want to find out more about how we can help you deal with waste management in dentistry - call our team today.

We are vastly experienced in the field of waste management and can provide you with the services you need to ensure all aspects of your waste management is carried out efficiently and legally.

From storage and collections to expert advice on the latest waste management legislation, we can provide the perfect solution for your dental practice’s waste management requirements.

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