Hospital Waste

With food waste, clinical waste, sanitary waste and recyclable materials constituting only a brief overview of the waste streams a hospital must deal with, it essential that they work with experienced and highly skilled waste management services to ensure they manage and dispose of their waste safely and efficiently.

We offer a truly comprehensive waste management service and can collect and securely dispose of all types of waste. From consultancy services keeping our clients up to date with the very latest waste regulations to reliable and professional collection and disposal services and the provision of secure waste containers, we strive to offer our clients an outstanding service to meet all their needs.

Ensuring that waste is correctly sorted into separate waste streams is a considerable challenge for hospitals. However, the penalties for failing to ensure that waste is correctly sorted and disposed of are severe, with those who fail to deal with their waste legally facing the prospect of unlimited fines and even a custodial sentence. At Big Green, we can provide you with the consultancy services you require to ensure all the waste in your hospital is correctly and efficiently sorted. We will also keep you up to date with the very latest developments in UK waste legislation, ensuring you can quickly adapt to any changes which are implemented.

Hospital waste collection

Our waste management services work to collect hospital waste across the whole of the UK. From clinical waste including sharps and pharmaceutical products to sanitary waste, recyclables and food waste, we are capable of collecting and disposing of all types of waste.

Depending on the particular waste disposal needs of your hospital, we can implement a pre-arranged collection schedule tailored to your needs.

As part of our collection service, we can also provide your hospital with the waste storage containers to securely and safely store all of the waste it produces. From sanitary bins for washrooms to front-end and rear-end loaders, we can provide you with an impressive range of storage options suitable for the separate storage of all your hospital waste.

Healthcare Waste Management

At Big Green, we work with our clients in the healthcare sector to help them reduce the volumes of waste they send to landfill. Through providing our clients with the tools and expertise they need to efficiently separate waste, we ensure that large volumes of waste are recycled while hazardous wastes are disposed of responsibly to prevent environmental damage.

Viewing waste as a resource, we help our clients reduce the environmental impact of their hospital waste, increasing the sustainability and reducing their costs.

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