Industrial Waste

What is industrial waste

In order to effectively deal with industrial waste, you need to have a good understanding of what actually constitutes industrial waste.

Put simply, industrial waste is any waste material which is produced as a by-product of the manufacturing process. Therefore, there are many different waste types which fall under the umbrella term “industrial waste”. In fact, the term industrial waste refers more appropriately to the setting in which the waste is produced as opposed to the waste type itself.

However, there are certain types of waste which are commonly produced as a result of industrial processes. These include:

Chemical waste
Waste packaging

Therefore, any business which operates in the industrial sector must have procedures in place to ensure that these waste types are separated and securely stored. Failure to ensure safe and separate storage is a breach of Duty of Care regulations and can result in penalties such as unlimited fines and custodial sentences.

Dealing with industrial waste

The term industrial waste can encompass a wide variety of different waste types. Therefore, it is important for businesses to be able identify and quantify these different waste types so that they can be efficiently sorted and stored.

At Big Green, we offer businesses in the industrial sector the waste audits they need to do just this. From here, we can advise your business on the most efficient way to sort waste and ensure that you are separating waste appropriately.

As industrial processes often result in the production of hazardous waste, businesses in the industrial sector must be careful to ensure they keep these hazard wastes separate from both non-hazardous waste and any other variants of hazardous waste they may produce.

We can offer the containers our clients need to ensure waste is stored both separately and securely. From oil drums to large industrial waste storage solutions such as IBC containers and roll-on-off containers, we can provide a range of options to ensure our clients store their waste safely on site prior to collection.

If you are looking for a fully-licensed waste management to help your business deal with the industrial waste it produces, look no further than Big Green. Our experienced team of waste management experts can offer you a thorough service, ensuring all your industrial waste is recycled or disposed of in compliance with UK regulations.

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