Restaurant Waste

We can provide a comprehensive service to meet all your restaurants needs.  Our green approach to waste management means we strive towards a target of zero landfill waste and recycle as much of the waste we collect as we possibly can.

For restaurants, it is clear that the large amount of food waste they produce constitutes their primary waste concern.  At Big Green, we can provide a wide-range of storage solutions for restaurants, including:

  • 240 litre food waste bins
  • 640 litre food waste bins
  • 1100 litre food waste bins

Following the passage of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012) restaurants which produce over 50 kg of food waste per week are required to ensure that this waste is separately stored and collected.  From 2016, this figure will drop to just 5kg of food.

Therefore, the need for restaurants across the Scotland to manage their food waste disposal ever more vigilantly has become a necessity.  Although not currently in place across the rest of the UK, restaurants here will find that disposing of their food waste separately can result in reduced costs to them in addition to a deduction in the environmental impact of their waste.

At Big Green, we can provide you with the advice you need to enable your restaurant to efficiently sort its different waste streams to ensure they are collected separately in compliance with UK law.  In addition to this, we can provide you with the containers you need to store varying volumes of waste securely and hygienically.

  • Food waste collection and recycling
  • UK-wide coverage
  • Expert advice on UK waste regulations

Collecting all types of restaurant waste

Although food waste is the biggest contributor towards the waste which restaurants need to dispose of, there are several other waste streams relevant to restaurants.  From packaging and WEEE to sanitary waste, restaurants need to ensure that all of their waste is collected and disposed of in compliance with UK regulations.

Our team at Big Green can provide you with services to cover all the waste management requirements of your restaurant.  No matter where you are situated in the country, our UK-wide service can meet your waste management, collection and disposal needs.

If you are looking for a waste management service with a strong environmental ethos to take care of all your restaurant waste needs, look no further than Big Green.

Restaurant waste collection

We can meet all of your waste management requirements, from proving expert consultancy on the latest Uk waste regulations to storage, collection and disposal of all your waste.

Contact our team today to find out how Big Green can help your restaurant deal with all of its waste needs.  We can offer you a free-no-obligation quote on our services when you inquire today.

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