School Waste Management

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With hundreds of pupils on the premises and large numbers of staff too, schools produce a lot of waste on a daily basis. From food waste created in school canteens to general waste and recyclables, the waste profile of schools is both large and varied.

School waste collections

Given the quantity and variety of waste that schools produce, it is essential that they have effective waste management strategies in place. Without these, it is very easy for schools to find themselves in a position where they inadvertently breach their Duty of Care regulations and put themselves at risk of penalties including unlimited fines.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for schools to craft effective waste management strategies as they rarely have the in-house expertise to do so. While teaching staff are experts in education, they do not tend to be experts in waste management.

School Waste Disposal

That is why Big Green operates across the country to help schools deal with the large volumes of waste they produce. We let schools concentrate on their most important functions and use our expertise to ensure their waste management requirements are comprehensively met.

Our school waste management services

Wherever in the UK you are situated, we can help you school manage its waste in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

Our professional services can offer you:

Comprehensive waste audits
Secure bins and containers
Daily weekly or bi-weekly collections
Expert advice on waste legislation

Through working to help schools separate their waste effectively, we reduce the waste disposal costs of our clients. Once correctly sorted, different waste types can be recycled or disposed of accordingly. Through helping our clients increase their rates of recycling, our service allows them to send less waste to landfill, thus reducing the associated costs.

To take control of your school’s waste management needs, call our specialist service today. We operate across the UK to help schools with their waste management strategies, ensuring full legal compliance while increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

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