Clinical Waste Collection

Clinical waste collection is a serious consideration for businesses and organisations throughout the UK who need to dispose of the clinical waste they produce. As clinical waste is covered by the hazardous waste regulations 2005, its collection and disposal is subject to rigorous scrutiny, with failures to comply with regulations leading to unlimited fines for organisations involved. Big Green can offer you the professional waste management you need to ensure that your clinical waste is stored, collected and disposed of in compliance with UK waste legislation, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Clinical Waste Collections

The clinical waste collection service we provide is comprehensive. We cater for a number of businesses and organisations across the UK, including:

GP surgeries
Tattoo parlours
Health centres
Dental practices

Businesses across Britain that produce clinical waste must ensure that this waste is disposed of as part of a separate waste stream. This is because clinical waste can create substantial environmental damage if disposed of incorrectly, endangering public health. Failure to ensure that clinical waste is disposed of correctly is a criminal offence. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to work with a waste management service with the necessary expertise to ensure that all clinical waste is collected and disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations.

At Big Green we can ensure that all of your clinical waste is collected and disposed of in compliance with the multitude of UK regulations to which it relates. From pharmaceutical waste and sharps to bagged infectious waste and anatomical waste from theatres, we can take care of all types of clinical waste.

With an expert knowledge of the regulations which surround the collection of clinical waste, we will ensure that all paperwork including consignment notes and waste transfer notes are handled, ensuring you have the proof your business needs to show that you have disposed of your clinical waste in complete compliance with UK waste legislation.

Our professional services can provide you with the expert advice you need to implement best practice in you business when it comes clinical waste disposal. We can provide you with the baggage and containers you require to safely and securely store your clinical waste, and the collections we offer are efficient and timely, keeping your costs low.

So contact our team of specialists today to find out everything you need to know about our professional waste management services. If your business or organisation needs to dispose of clinical waste, we can offer you the services you need to ensure all your waste is collected and disposed of legally and safely. Call us now for a free-no-obligation quote on our services.

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