Clinical Waste Disposal

A large number of businesses and organisations across the UK need to dispose of the clinical waste they create safely, securely and in compliance with UK waste regulations. The process of clinical waste disposal is covered by a multitude of regulations. Consequently, knowing how to dispose of clinical waste without contravening these regulations can be a difficult task for many businesses who have multiple issues on which to focus their attentions. At Big Green, we aim to make the safe and legal disposal of clinical waste as hassle-free as possible, providing you with the expert advice and services you need to efficiently and cost effectively deal with your clinical waste.

The process of Clinical waste disposal is covered by several regulations and pieces of legislation. These include::

Environmental Protection Act 1990
Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005
The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011
Carriage Of Dangerous Goods Regulations 2009
Controlled Waste Regulations 2012
Hazardous Waste Directive 2011

It is clear to see that there are a large number of rules and regulations which stipulate how clinical waste must be disposed of. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in unlimited fines for businesses and organisations involved. Combined with the serious environmental damage which the illegal disposal of clinical waste can cause and it is clear to see why ensuring clinical waste disposal is completed correctly is a huge concern for UK businesses.

Without an expert understanding of the numerous pieces of legislation which relate the clinical waste disposal, businesses risk utilising illegal waste disposal processes. However, with Big Green, businesses and organisations can work with a partner with years of experience in the waste industry.

We are experts in the field of waste management and can provide you with a comprehensive service to cover all aspects of your waste disposal processes. Our service can provide you with the containers you need to hygienically and securely store clinical waste, efficient collection services and methods of disposal which comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations.

When you partner with BIg Green waste management services, we will ensure that all the paperwork which you are legally required to posses is dealt with by our experts. After each collection we will provide you with a waste transfer notice and we will also help you deal with consignment notes needed for the transportation of waste classed as hazardous. With our comprehensive service, you can ensure your businesses is fully compliant and has the documents needed to prove so.

Clinical Waste Disposal Bins

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