Confidential Waste Disposal

For all businesses, successfully and securely disposing of their confidential waste is a necessity. Failure to do so can lead to fraud and misrepresentation, resulting in financial losses and threatening to damage a business’s reputation. If you are looking for a waste disposal company you can trust to securely dispose of all your confidential waste, Big Green is here for you. From shredding services to data destruction, we can offer you comprehensive and highly secure confidential waste disposal services your business can have complete confidence in.

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that UK businesses must ensure that all old accounts and information is securely destroyed. Failure to comple with the Data Protection Act can result in prosecution, so it is imperative for all businesses to ensure they deal with their confidential waste appropriately.

At Big Green, we possess a wealth of experience in the waste industry and can provide you with a specialist BS EN 15713 accredited service capable of dealing with all your confidential waste. The services we offer to businesses across the UK include:

Shredding services - both on and off site
Data destruction
Branded product destruction

We ensure that as part of the confidential waste disposal service we provide, all materials are recycled where possible. In this way, we aim to minimise the environmental impact of the confidential waste we collect and dispose of, in line with the environmentally responsible ethos of our waste management services.

We can also offer your business a full audit trail and provide certificates of destruction and recycling once we have securely disposed of your confidential waste. This is an essential function as it provides you with the proof you require that your business disposes of its confidential waste in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Confidential Waste Disposal Company

The UK government has estimated that the cost of identity fraud is £2 billion each year. Confidential waste which has not not been securely disposed of presents a major opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage of your business. By failing to dispose of your confidential waste in a secure fashion, you business not only risks breaching the Data Protection Act, it also puts itself at risk of fraud. For the complete peace of mind you require when it comes to the disposal of your confidential waste, it is important to work with specialists in the sphere of confidential waste destruction and disposal.

Big Green can provide you with the professional services you need, ensuring you comply with UK law and keep the threat of fraud to your business at an absolute minimum. Call our team today for a free-no-obligation quote on the specialist services we can provide for you.

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