Dry Cleaning Waste

Dry Cleaning Waste

The professional waste management services we offer at Big Green can provide you with the solutions you need for managing and disposing of your dry cleaning waste.

We understand that dry cleaning services across the country produce a variety of different waste types which must be sorted into separate waste streams.  From Perchloroethylene and contaminated wipes to WEEE and detergent bottles, dry cleaning businesses produce a variety of waste types, many of which are hazardous.

Given that much of the waste which is produced at dry cleaners is hazardous, these businesses must ensure that they strictly adhere to the requirements on the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. Our waste management services are here to make that task as simple as possible, easing the burden of waste management on the dry cleaners we work with throughout the UK.

Dry Cleaning Waste Disposal

Dry cleaners must be able to accurately and efficiently all the waste types they produce. This means that everything, from perchloroethylene bottles to waste packaging and WEEE has to be correctly identified and then correctly sorted into its appropriate waste stream.

Without any experience or expertise in the field of waste management, this can task can prove to be a considerable burden for dry cleaning businesses with much more to concentrate on than simply waste disposal.

At Big Green, we seek to offer the waste management expertise your dry cleaning business needs. We are vastly experienced in the field of waste management and can help ensure that you are storing and separating the waste you produce appropriately.

Our specialist teams across the UK can offer both the expert advice and practical services needed to ensure maximum efficiency and full legal compliance. We can provide a range of storage solutions, including drums and wheeled bins, ensuring that once you waste is separated it is stored securely so as not to pose a health and safety risk on your site.

Dry Cleaning Hazardous Waste

The process of waste management can be broken down into two key phases; the separation and storage of waste and the collection and disposal of that waste. At Big Green, we can offer you the specialist services you need to complete both efficiently and cost effectively.

Once your waste is correctly stored, we can offer you the tailored collection services you need to ensure that all your dry cleaning waste is collected when you need it to be. Following the collection of your waste, we will ensures that we recycle all the material that we possibly can, helping you decrease the environmental impact of your waste and save on the cost of landfill disposal.

If you are looking for a professional solution to the management and disposal of your dry cleaning waste, call Big Green today. Our friendly customer care team can offer you a free quotation on the services we offer and provide you with advice on the best way to tackle your dry cleaning waste needs.

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