Food Waste Bins

In an environment where the separation of different waste streams is being enshrined in UK law as an obligation for businesses and organisations, it essential to have bins designated to the storage of certain types of waste. At Big Green, we can provide you with the food waste bins your business needs to securely and hygienically store all of its food waste prior to its collection.

While the necessity for food waste bins in the catering industry is obvious, the vast majority of businesses need to dispose of varying levels of food waste. From schools to hotels and corporate organisations to local authorities, the need to dispose of food waste is virtually universal.

Our food waste bins

At Big Green, we operate nationwide and can provide three sizes of food waste bin for our clients; 240 litre, 640 litre and 1100 litre. Given the nature of food waste, and manner in which it becomes tightly compressed in storage bins, we suggest our clients opt for a number of 240 litre bins as opposed to the larger alternatives. Doing so keeps the overall weight of the bins down, making them much easier to manage and manoeuvre on your site and decreasing the risk of waste spillages.

In addition to the bins we provide, we also provide cornstarch bin liners to ensure that food waste is securely and hygienically stored, guarding against the possibility of loose waste spilling out of bins and creating an unhygienic environment within your premises.

Food Recycling Bins

In line with our environmental ethos, the cornstarch bin liners we supply are biodegradable, ensuring that environmental impact is kept to an absolute minimum. Once you food waste is collected, we transport it for anaerobic digestion. Through this process we avoid the use of landfill sites, helping our clients cut down on their costs and ensuring environmental damage is avoided.

Customer care

If you are looking for a waste management company to supply your business or organisation with the food waste bins its requires, look no further than Big Green. We can provide you with the high quality bins you need to ensure all your food waste is stored securely and hygienically before being disposed of in anaerobic digestion sites.

Call our team for a free-no-obligation quote on all of our waste management services, including the provision and collection of 240 litre, 640 litre and 1100 litre food waste bins across the whole of the UK.

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