Glass Recycling

Following an amendment in 2012, the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations now states that businesses will be required to sort their glass for separate collection. The law will come into force on 1 January 2015, giving businesses the opportunity to adjust in time for the changes. In order to ensure your business successfully adapt to the incoming changes regarding waste recycling and collection, you need to work with a waste management company you can rely on and trust. At Big Green, we can help you implement the necessary changes to your waste disposal strategy to ensure you comply with the incoming regulations. For businesses in Scotland, we can help you ensure your glass recycling needs are met and you never contravene waste regulations.

Our professional service can help you deal with all your business’s glass recycling needs, collecting all types of glass and ensuring that it is recycled, decreasing the environmental impact of your waste.

Recycling glass can bring benefits to your business, including:

Helping you achieve sustainability targets
Reducing costs through avoiding landfill taxes
Reducing the environmental impact of your waste
Improving your business’s environmental reputation

The incentives for glass recycling within your business are high and the costs are virtually non-existent. When you work with Big Green, you partner with a waste management service proud of its strong environmental ethos. We can help you recycle increasing amounts of your waste, reducing your costs and ensuring at all times that you comply with the latest legislation and regulations in the UK.

Our professional waste management service can offer you everything you need to ensure that your waste processes meet the requirements of UK law and that all of your waste is collected as part of an efficient service you can rely on. The specialist services we offer can provide you with:

Expert advice on the latest UK waste legislation and how it affects your business

Efficient and professional collection services ensuring your waste is always collected on time

Paperwork such as waste transfer notes handled so you have the documents you need to prove compliance

Pre-scheduled collections to meet your specific needs

The waste management services we provide cover the whole of the UK and we work with businesses for a wide range of sectors. No matter what your business is, if you need a professional company you can trust to take care of your waste, including glass recycling, we can help. Call our team today for a free-no-obligation quote on the services we provide.

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