Hazardous Waste Management

Government guidance stipulates that you must classify the waste your business produces before it is collected for recycling or disposal. In the case of hazardous waste, classification can prove problematic as businesses tend not to have a comprehensive understanding as to what exactly constitutes hazardous waste. At Big Green, our waste experts can give you the advice you need to identify hazardous waste, and offer you the professional collection and disposal services you need to ensure it is dealt with in compliance with relevant UK legislation.

It is important for all businesses in the UK to gain a greater understanding of what types of waste are classified as hazardous. In doing so, they can ensure that they do not unwittingly place hazardous waste amongst general waste, endangering the environment and risking heavy fines as they do so.

Hazardous Waste Collection

There are many types of hazardous waste including:

Oils (non-edible)
Any material or equipment which includes o-zone depleting substances
Hazardous waste containers

Identifying which items contain these substances is not always simple. For example, did you know that both fluorescent lights and fridges are classed as hazardous waste? For this reason it is essential for businesses across the UK to work with a waste management team that can provide them with expert advice to ensure they do not dispose of hazardous waste inappropriately.

At Big Green, we are experts in the field of waste management. Whatever your business, be it in the events and entertainment industry,the public sector or in the catering industry, we can offer you comprehensive waste collection and disposal services you can always rely on.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Working to protect the environment is central to our ethos and we strive to ensure that we help our clients deal with their hazardous waste in a responsible manner. While all waste can have a damaging environmental effect, the impact of hazardous waste on the environment can be particularly severe. not only this, but the penalties for failing to deal with hazardous waste within the confines of UK legislation can be hefty, with the prospect of heavy fines and even jail terms for those found to be disposing of hazardous waste illegally.

Call our specialist services today for the expertise you need to ensure that your business disposes of its hazardous waste legally and responsibly, reducing the environmental impact of your business in the process. We can offer you a free-no-obligation quote when you contact our team today.

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