Healthcare Waste Management

Healthcare waste poses unique challenges to those who produce it as large portions of the clinical waste constitutes healthcare sector waste is hazardous. As a result, conducting healthcare waste management in a way which meets all regulatory requirements requires producers to divert substantial resources to the task. Our team at Big Green offers professional healthcare waste management services to simplify the task of disposing of healthcare waste. With our fully-licensed service, you can ensure that you meet all relevant regulations as you sort, store and dispose of healthcare waste efficiently and cost effectively.

Healthcare Waste Collections

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Benefits of healthcare waste management

For hospitals, veterinary centres, dental practices and other clients in the healthcare sector, we can provide waste management solutions to ensure all the waste they produce is correctly treated and disposed of.

Waste generated in the healthcare sector often comprises of materials which are classed as hazardous. Should these materials, such as contaminated packaging or sharps, be disposed of irresponsibly, considerable damage could be caused to the environment and a significant threat to public health could be generated.

With our specialist services, you can ensure that you do not dispose of your healthcare waste in a manner which contravenes waste legislation and puts you at risk of prosecution. when you work with us we can:

Ensure full legal compliance
Increase waste management efficiency
Offer expert advice on waste legislation
Ease the burden of work on your staff
Provide you with comprehensive waste audits

With these benefits in place, you can concentrate your attention to the needs of your patients, safe in the knowledge that your waste management requirements are being handled by experienced professionals.

Healthcare Waste Disposal

As part of the healthcare waste management services we offer across the country, our specialist teams can provide you with the professional and reliable collection services you require.

We strive to meet the individual needs of all of our clients. That is why we offer collection services to meet their waste disposal requirements. Always collecting your healthcare waste on time, we can provide you with daily collections, weekly collections or bi-weekly collections.

Healthcare Waste Bins

Our services can also offer you the bins you need to safely store all of your healthcare waste in compliance with Duty of Care regulations.

Solutions for you

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We can assist you with all aspects of your waste management, helping you manage and store waste before ensuring that it is collected and disposed by our fully-licensed service.

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