Healthcare Waste

At Big Green, we are experts in waste management and work with businesses and organisations to help them dispose of their healthcare waste. The healthcare sector in the UK is extensive with hospitals, drug manufacturers any many other related businesses producing vast swathes of medical waste. If deal with incorrectly, this medical waste could pose a considerable threat both to the environment and to public health. Therefore, it is vital that these waste types, which are often hazardous, are stored and disposed of legally and responsibly.

If you produce healthcare waste on your premises, and need expert advice on how to manage its disposal safely and efficiently, our expert teams across the UK can provide the services you require.

Healthcare Waste Management

The term healthcare waste covers a large variety of waste types, some of which are hazardous. Healthcare waste can include:

Bandages and dressing
Human tissue
Animal tissue
Blood and bodily fluids
Old medical equipment
Contaminated packaging

It is essential for businesses who produce healthcare waste to ensure that it is correctly separated. Mixing hazardous waste types is a breach of Duty of Care regulations and, therefore, can carry heavy consequences for any business or organisation involved.

Ensuring the correct separation may be a necessity, but it can be a complex process for businesses who do not posses the requisite waste management experience. Without expert advice and guidance, it can be easy for businesses to inadvertently dispose of their healthcare waste in an illegal fashion. Alternatively, attempting to sort waste types can become a laborious and time consuming task to the detriment of the business.

We can provide you with the specialist advice and services you need to efficiently and accurately sort waste, securely store it and then dispose of it via our fully-licensed collection service. Whatever types of healthcare waste you produce, our expert team can ensure that it is correctly stored and disposed of, offering you a service you can have complete confidence in.
We operate throughout the UK. From London to Edinburgh, we can offer services wherever you are situated.

Healthcare Waste Collection

Our collection teams can offer you the services you need to ensure your waste is removed from site when you need it to be. Monitored by real-time reports, our collections are always completed on time. Whether you need waste collecting for a single site or from multiple sites across a region, our collection services will ensure that your specific needs are met.

Our experts can offer you the advice you need when you call us today. We can offer healthcare waste solutions for any business or organisation which wants to increase its efficiency and ensure legal compliance.

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