Hotel Waste Management

Hotels across the UK have to deal with a great variety of waste, much of which must be separated into separate waste streams and some of which may be classified as hazardous. Given the considerable pressure hotels face to deal with the large variety and volume of waste they produce, enlisting the services of an experienced and knowledgeable waste management firm is a necessity. With Big Green, you can work with an environmentally-conscious waste management service. We view waste as a resource and work to help our clients in the hospitality sector to help them recycle as much of their waste as possible. The service we offer provides them with the advice they need to efficiently sort waste and the collection services they require to see their waste either recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hotel Waste Collections

We understand that hotel owners have many different areas of their business to concentrate on and can’t afford devote disproportionate periods of time to managing the waste they produce. At the same time, however, the penalties for hotels who do not dispose of their waste legally include unlimited fines and custodial sentences. This means that hotel owners cannot afford to be casual when it comes to disposing of their waste.

At Big Green, we can collect all types of waste. From WEEE to food waste and recyclables, we offer a comprehensive service to cover the storage, collection and disposal of all the waste your hotel produces.

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Professional and reliable service

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All types of waste collected

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From our years of experience collecting waste from hotels across the UK we know exactly what you require. That is why our service can offer you:

Reliable collections to meet pre-arranged schedules
Expert advice on the separation and storage of waste
The bins and containers you need to store waste separately
Waste disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible
Advice on the latest waste regulation and how they affect you

When you partner with Big Green, we will provide you with the advice you need to ensure all your waste processes meet the requirements of UK. From the storage and correct separation of hazardous wastes to sorting recyclable materials, we will ensure you are completely compliant.

Environmentally friendly waste disposal

From your food waste to recyclables material such as paper, metal, glass and plastics, we will ensure that any waste which can be recycled, is recycled. By doing so we not only work to protect the environment, we also help save your hotel money by avoiding the use of heavily-taxed landfill sites whenever possible.

Unfortunately some of the waste we collect, such as hazardous wastes, cannot be recycled. IN these cases, we ensure that the waste is disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way possible, ensuring that public health is not endangered and the environment is not unduly damaged.

If you are looking for a green waste management service to take assist you with the management and disposal of your hotel waste, Big Green are here for you. call our team today with any questions you may have about the services we provide. We can offer you a free-no-obligation quote when you inquire.

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