Medical Waste Management

Medical waste management is a big concern for businesses and organisations operating throughout the healthcare sector. Medical waste or clinical waste is subject to a deluge of regulations and so dealing with this waste is a complex task. Certainly, it is a task made no easier by the fact that many of those who produce large quantities of medical waste, such as hospitals, surgeries and dental practices, do not have the in-house expertise required to ensure legal storage and disposal of this waste.

Medical Waste Management Company

That is why Big Green is here to help with all aspects of medical waste management. We understand our clients in the healthcare sector and work with them to ensure they manage their medical waste both efficiently and legally. Through working with our fully-licensed waste management service, you can gain access to the expertise you need to improve your medical waste management processes, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring at all times that you deal with the medical waste you produce in accordance with the laws which govern its storage and disposal.

Comprehensive waste management - step by step

Our team of specialists can provide you with expert guidance and practical assistance to ensure every step of your medical waste management complies with the requirements of UK law.

The consultancy services our experts provide can offer you both comprehensive waste audits and up-to-the-minute advice on any developments in medical waste law. Through working with our team, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy with which you sort medical waste, ensuring you meet your Duty of Care obligations, and you can keep up to date with any regulatory changes which affect your waste management strategy.

From a practical perspective, our waste management service can provide you with the storage solutions and collections you need to ensure you meet the requirements of Duty of Care regulations.

We can offer you:

A range of secure bins in which to safely store your medical waste
Reliable collection services tailored to meet your needs
Safe and responsible disposal of all your medical waste
A fully-licensed service ensuring complete legal compliance

Combined together, our consultancy and practical services provide comprehensive waste management solution across the whole of the UK. If you have medical waste management requirements, we can ease the burden of those requirements on your business - allowing you to concentrate more fully on other aspects.

Call our specialist waste management team today for more information on the UK-wide services we provide. We can offer you a free quotation on the services you need with no obligation attached.

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