Medical Waste

We offer services across the healthcare sector to help clients dispose of all their medical waste. From working with hospitals and tattoo parlours to dental surgeries and veterinary centres, we help a range of clients safely and responsibly dispose of the medical waste they produce.

What is medical waste

Medical waste can be made up of a number of different waste types, some of which may be classed as hazardous waste. These waste types include:

Blood and bodily fluids
Anatomical waste from theatres
Drugs and pharmaceutical products
Swabs and dressings
Animal or human tissue
Sharps - syringes, needles and other sharp instruments
Radioactive materials

Medical waste, often referred to as clinical waste, can pose a serious threat to public health and the environment if it is not disposed of appropriately. Therefore, incumbent on all producers of medical waste is the need to ensure that the waste they produce is correctly separated and securely stored.

Big Green can provide you with the professional services needed across the healthcare sector to ensure that medical waste is correctly treated, stored and then disposed of. With years of experience in the waste management industry, we can offer you the expertise you need to ensure that your medical waste is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Hospitals are the largest contributor to medical waste in the UK, yet many do not have the in-house expertise to ensure that they are treating their waste in a way which minimises the threat of infection to their staff and patients. Through working with our professional service, you can ensure that you deal with all the waste on your site in compliance with Duty of Care regulations, ensuring your staff and patients remain free from the threat of infection from poorly managed waste.

The waste audits we offer and the secure storage containers we provide can ensure that, whether you are a hospital, veterinary centre, tattoo parlour dental practice or even school, your medical waste will be securely contained, minimising health and safety risks on your site.

Our services can offer you a range of storage options,so whatever volume of medical waste you need to dispose of on a continual basis, we can provide the solutions you need. Once your waste is securely stored, our professional collection services will remove it from your site and dispose of it in full compliance with UK law.

Expert advice on your medical waste

As medical waste is often hazardous, dealing with it requires a great deal of caution. The waste itself must not be mixed and its storage must be extremely secure.

Medical waste disposal

We can offer you the professional advice and guidance you need to ensure that all aspects of your medical waste disposal processes comply fully with the requirements of UK law. In addition to this, our expert teams constantly monitor the progress of waste bills, ensuring our clients are notified of any incoming changes to the law which may affect them.

Call our team today for a free quotation on the fully-licensed waste management services we offer across the whole of the UK. We can help you manage your waste efficiently and legally, protecting both your premises and the wider environment against the threat medical waste can pose.

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