Pharmaceutical Waste Management

If you need professional pharmaceutical waste management services for your business, Big Green can provide the specialist solutions you need. Managing the storage, collection and disposal of pharmaceutical waste can prove to be a time-consuming process for businesses with a number of issues to concentrate their attentions on. With our professional waste management services, we aim to help our clients deal with their waste efficiently and effectively, ensuring that all UK waste regulations are adhered to in the process. When you work with our team, you can simplify your waste management processes, saving time and money while ensuring that you are storing and disposing of your waste safely and responsibly at all times.

Pharmaceutical Waste Management Consultants

As you might expect, the majority of pharmaceutical waste is generated in the healthcare sector and by the pharmaceutical sector itself. From hospitals to veterinary centres to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, the quantity of pharmaceuticals produced on a daily basis in the UK is vast.

We work with all producers of pharmaceutical waste to help them ensure that they are storing and disposing of it in a way that complies with the requirements of UK regulations. The pharmaceutical waste management services across the UK are extensive and include:

Waste audits for your business
Secure storage containers for your waste
Guidance on how to ensure you comply with Duty of Care regulations
Reliable collections tailored to your needs
Responsible disposal of waste, minimising environmental damage

When you work with Big Green, you can have confidence that all aspects of your waste management process will be informed by the expert advice and services that we can offer.

As pharmaceutical waste consists of medicines which could be hazardous if the public were exposed to them, much of this waste is subject to stringent regulations. This means that producers of pharmaceutical waste must be especially careful to ensure they store and dispose of it correctly.

Failure to do can result in heavy penalties including unlimited fines and custodial sentences.

To ensure that all pharmaceutical waste is correctly managed and disposed of, Big Green is here. We are experts in the field of pharmaceutical waste management and can work with your business to ensure that your pharmaceutical waste is dealt with in a way which minimises both damage to the environment and threat to public health.

Pharmaceutical Waste Company

When you work with our teams throughout the UK, you can enjoy confidence in the knowledge that the way in which you manage and dispose of your pharmaceutical waste is not putting your business at risk of prosecution.

For expert advice on how to deal with your pharmaceutical waste efficiently and effectively, call our team of experts today. We can provide you with the top-class waste management services you need for your business.

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