Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

Businesses across the UK have long been encouraged to recycle the plastics they discard of. However, following an amendment to waste regulations in 2012, businesses will soon be legally required to ensure plastics are collected and disposed of separately. At Big Green, we are specialists in waste management and can help ensure that your business takes the necessary steps to fully comply with ever evolving waste regulations within the UK.

Plastic Waste Collections

As EU directives and UK legislation change to encourage a more environmentally responsible attitude towards waste disposal, so the need for businesses to manage their waste more carefully grows. However, the increasing complexity of waste regulations means that all businesses across the UK find themselves having to devote increasing amounts of time to managing their waste. At Big Green, we aim to help ease the strain on businesses by providing them with expert services capable of taking care of their waste collection and disposal obligations.

Businesses in all sectors have a need to dispose of the plastic waste they produce. These plastics include:

Plastic packaging
Plastic bottles
Mixed plastics packaging
Rigid plastic packaging
Plastic film packaging
Non-packaging plastic applications

Plastic Waste Disposal

Our waste management experts can help your business dispose of all types of plastic appropriately, ensuring that you fully comply with the requirements of UK regulation. We can offer you both the professional advice you need to properly separate your plastic waste and the services you require to ensure your plastics are collected and recycled. When you work with Big Green, you can enjoy complete confidence in the collection and recycling service you will receive. We will always collect your waste on time, never leaving you with uncollected waste cluttering your businesses premises.

Call our professional team today for more detail about how our environmentally friendly waste collection service can help your business take care of all its plastic waste disposal needs. Our highly experienced waste experts are vastly knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with all types of commercial waste and constantly monitor the latest developments in commercial waste legislation.

We can offer your business a comprehensive waste audit and site survey, providing you with all the information you need to ensure your business minimises the waste it produces. For plastic waste and all other recyclables, we can ensure that your waste is dealt with in accordance with

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