Sanitary Bins

Sanitary waste is a waste type which all businesses and organisations in the UK need to be able to deal with. As sanitary waste is classed as hazardous waste, the regulations concerning its storage and disposal are complex and can pose problems for businesses and organisations who do not possess detailed knowledge of UK waste legislation. At Big Green, we can provide you with the sanitary bins you need in your washrooms to ensure that sanitary waste is securely and hygienically stored before prior to its collection.

ncumbent on all UK businesses is the responsibility to ensure that sanitary bins are provided in their washrooms so that high levels of feminine hygiene can be observed. Failure to do so is a breach of UK waste regulations and results in sanitary waste being disposed of in ways the damage the environment, polluting rivers and coastlines and creating a threat to public health.

Big Green Solution

At Big Green, we can supply you with the sanitary bins your business needs to ensure that it stores its sanitary waste safely and hygienically. From small and secure sanitary bins for use in washrooms to large 1100 litre bins ideal for the needs of hospitals and surgeries we can provide you with the bins your businesses needs.

Sanitary waste collection

Our waste management services operates across the whole of the UK. Whatever sector your business or organisation operates in, be it healthcare, public, catering or something else, we are here to help you meet your waste disposal obligations. We provide the bins you need and the collection and disposal services you need to ensure all of your waste is disposed of legally and responsibly.

Washroom bins

Call Big Green today to find out more about how we can help your business or organisation address its waste disposal concerns. In addition to the sanitary bins we provide, we can also offer you a comprehensive waste management service including consultancy, collection and disposal services. At all times we will ensure that you have the information, instruments and services you need to comply fully with the latest UK waste legislation.

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