For all businesses with confidential documents, the need for a professional and effective paper shredding service they can trust is paramount. Be it businesses and organisations in the healthcare and legal sectors, or businesses in any other sector, destroying confidential paperwork is essential to help negate the threat of fraud and misrepresentation for both themselves and their clients. At Big Green, we can provide you with the professional services you require to ensure that all of your confidential paper waste is shredded, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind that your business has not disposed of their confidential waste in a manner which makes them and their clients vulnerable.

Shredding Waste Collections

The Data Protection Act 1998 means that it is a legal obligation for all companies to destroy old accounts which contain confidential information. Our BS EN 15713 accredited service can provide you with exactly what you need. Whether you require regular paper shredding services, or your requirements for our services are just a one-off, we can provide you with both on-site and off-site shredding service to take care of your confidential paper shredding needs. For regular shredding requirements, we will arrange a shredding schedule with you to ensure that all your confidential paper waste is shredded in a timely and efficient manner.

We can offer your business:

On-site shredding
Off-site shredding
All shredding completed by vetted personnel

Whether you choose to have your confidential paper waste shredded on-site or off-site, we can guarantee that our professional service will ensure your confidential information is destroyed discreetly, ensuring it does not fall into the wrong hands and endanger your business or clients.

Shredding Waste Management

We will provide you with a certificate of destruction and a waste transfer note containing your waste hierarchy declaration upon the completion of our service, ensuring that you have all the documentation you need to prove that your business is fully compliant with the requirements of UK law.

If you are looking for a highly professional paper shredding service you can trust, Big Green is here to provide you with everything you require. Whatever sector your business operates in, we can offer you the service you need to ensure you confidential paper waste is dealt with effectively and efficiently by thoroughly vetted personnel.

Shredding Waste Disposal

So call our team today for a free-no-obligation quote on the waste management services we provide. In addition to our paper shredding services, we can provide a range of other waste collection and disposal services to ensure that all of your business’s waste needs are taken care of.

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