Toxic Waste Management

The requirements for businesses that produce toxic waste are complex. As such, methodical procedures must be implemented to ensure that any toxic waste your business produces is sorted, stored and disposed of in accordance with UK waste regulation. At Big Green, our experienced professionals can help you ensure that your business upholds its duty of care while managing and disposing of any toxic waste it produces.

Toxic Waste Collection

Toxic waste is a wide ranging term which covers a number of different materials from oils to fluorescent lighting. As part of a businesses duty of care, they are required to correctly classify waste before it is sorted, stored and ultimately disposed of. Failure to correctly identify toxic waste can lead to its illegal storage and disposal, leading to severe penalties for the business involved. Therefore, it is essential for businesses across the UK to work with a partner that can offer them the specialist advice they need to ensure that toxic waste is correctly classified and, consequently, appropriately stored and disposed of.

Here at Big Green, we work with a range of commercial partners across the UK to ensure that they comply fully with the requirement of UK waste regulations. We are experts in the field of toxic waste management and can help your business navigate through the complex process of dealing with toxic waste. Our specialists can offer you the advice you need, including:

An explanation of your duty of care obligations
Guidance on which material constitute toxic waste
An explanation of the guidelines related to registering as a toxic waste producer
Advice on identifying and sorting toxic waste
Advice on storing toxic waste storage
Guidance on keeping adequate records of toxic waste disposal

Toxic Waste Disposal

In addition to the expert advice we can offer to our clients, we can also provide the practical means by which to store and dispose of the toxic waste they create. Providing services capable of bulk tanker collections, drummed collection and packaged collections, we can help our clients across the UK deal with varying volumes of toxic waste. We ensure at all times that the toxic waste we collect is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner as stipulated in UK law.

For a highly professional waste management services you can trust to help your business comprehensively deal with its toxic waste requirements, look no further than Big Green. We can provide you with both the practical, effective services and the specialist advice your business needs to ensure it complies fully with the waste regulations present in the UK.

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