Waste Management Licence

In relation to the disposal or recycling of your waste, it essential that your business works with a waste management services which has been granted a waste management licence.

Having a waste management licence means that a company can legally:

Operate a landfill
Store other people’s waste
Treat waste
Carry out recycling processes
Dispose of waste

Without a waste management licence, businesses who attempt to dispose of their waste themselves are breaking the law. Therefore, it is common practice for businesses and organisations across the UK to outsource their waste management and disposal needs to a fully-licensed waste management service.

On-site waste storage

Any business which produces waste will inevitably have to store that waste on site for a period of time prior to its collection. Storing waste on site does not require a waste management licence provided that your business ensures that this waste is collected regularly.

You must also ensure that while your waste is on site it is appropriately separated and securely stored. This means that you must ensure certain waste types, such as hazardous waste, are not mixed and that secure storage containers are used to stop waste leaking out and polluting the workplace and surrounding area.

When your waste is collected, you must ensure that it is done so by a fully-licensed waste management service.

Fully-licensed waste management service

At Big Green, we are a fully-licensed waste management services and can meet all of your business’s waste recycling and disposal needs.

Through working with our services, you can simplify the waste disposal processes of your business. Rather than paying for an annual waste management licence and navigating your way through reams of legislation to ensure you are disposing of all your different waste types legally, you can outsource your waste management needs to consummate professionals.

Our team can also provide you with the bins and containers you need to securely store your waste, ensuring you comply fully with Duty of Care regulations.

We are vastly experienced in the field of waste management and can offer you a highly-efficient service. Our regional teams ensure that your waste is collected when you need it to be and then recycled or disposed of in complete compliance with all relevant regulations.

Call our experts today for a free quotation on the fully-licensed waste management services we provide across the whole of the UK. Our professional services can ease the burden of your business’s waste management concerns, ensuring full legal compliance as we collect and dispose of all types of waste.

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