Waste Management Regulations

Waste management is a heavily regulated industry. For this reason, the majority of businesses and organisations across the UK choose to work with fully-licensed waste management services.

While the Site Waste Management Regulations 2008 no longer impose legal requirements on businesses, the plethora of regulations surrounding various waste types can be overwhelming. This is certainly the case for the majority of businesses in the UK who simply do not have the time or the in-house expertise to develop a detailed understanding of waste disposal law.

In addition to this, waste regulations also differ across the UK. Whether you are situated in Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland has a significant impact on the way you have to deal with waste in order to ensure legal compliance.

The most recent changes to waste regulation have been:

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012
The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012

This legislation has changed the law in a way which affects the way businesses manage their waste on site before it is collected.

From 1 January 2014, businesses and organisations in Scotland have been required to ensure that their paper, card, metal, plastic and glass waste is separated prior to collection.

In England and Wales, these requirements are set to be enforced from 1 January 2015.

These are only the latest developments in the ever changing landscape of UK waste legislation. From the regulations surrounding the storage and disposal of different waste types to regulations requiring environmental permits and waste management licences, ensuring complete compliance with the law is a complex task for any business or organisation.

Big Green solutions

At Big Green, we have years of experience in the waste management industry. Our experts constantly monitor waste regulations across the UK to ensure that all of our clients operate in ways which fully comply.

Instead of spending vast amounts of time trying to gain a detailed understanding of waste legislation which could change at any time, businesses can turn to us for a comprehensive and professional service. We aim the lighten the burden of waste regulations on businesses, providing them with the expertise they need to see their waste efficiently and effectively dealt with.

Call our experts today for the advice and guidance you need when it comes to negotiating your way through waste management regulations. We can offer you the professional consultancy services you need to improve efficiency and ensure total compliance. We can also offer you the fully-licensed collection and disposal services you business needs to ensure all of its waste is disposed of legally and responsibly.

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