Waste Management

Waste management refers to the storage, collection and recycling or disposal of waste. Waste management services work with businesses and organisations to ensure that all these stages are completed in compliance with waste management regulations across the UK.

Non-domestic premises differ from domestic premises in terms of waste creation and disposal. In the domestic sphere it is unusual to talk about waste management. For homes across the UK, what could be described as waste management is effectively the process of sorting waste into bins before leaving those bins out to be collected by the council on the correct day.

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This process is the same for businesses but it must be completed on a much larger scale through the use of fully-licensed waste management services. The type of waste which must be recycled or disposed of can also differ considerably depending on which sector a business works in. For example, businesses in the catering sector are likely to create large volumes of food waste while a business operating in the construction sector might expect to produce a lot of plastic, metal, wood and glass waste.

What Is Waste Management?

The best way to explain waste management is through the prism of the services provided by Big Green.


All businesses generate waste material and the first step in dealing with this material is to ensure that it is correctly sorted and separated. In many instances, such as with hazardous waste types or paper plastic and metal in Scotland, ensuring waste is correctly sorted is a legal requirements.

Big Green’s waste management services provide businesses with waste audits to help them quantify the volumes of waste they produce. From here businesses can sort their waste more efficiently and ensure that it is stored separately in compliance with all relevant waste regulations.


Linked to the sorting of waste is the storage of waste. As part of any waste management strategy, businesses clearly need to have the capability to securely and safely store the waste they have separated. Certainly, businesses cannot afford to have waste leaking into their premises or to mix wastes which should be kept separate, breaking the law and risking severe penalties.

Big Green provides businesses with a range of bins and containers to tackle all types of waste storage requirements. From oil drums to 240 litre, 640 litre and 1100 litre wheeled bins, we provide comprehensive storage options which allow our clients to store their waste securely and in compliance with Duty of Care regulations.


The third step of waste management is perhaps the most obvious; waste collection. Once a business has sorted and appropriately stored its waste it needs a service to collect it.

Big Green offers tailored collection services across the UK to meet the needs of its clients. From daily collections to weekly and bi-weekly collections, we can also collect waste from multiple sites.

Once waste is collected we either take it to be recycled, recovered or disposed of. This completes the practical side of waste management, with our clients confident that their waste has been responsibly dealt with in compliance with UK regulations.

Anything else?

In addition to the practical aspects of waste management, Big Green also offers its clients professional consultancy services. These services ensure that all of our clients are kept up to date with the latest developments in waste legislation. With the penalties for contravening waste laws including unlimited fines and even jail terms, businesses cannot afford to take risks when disposing of waste. Through our team of experts, we help all our clients operate in an efficient and legal manner, leaving them with complete peace of mind.

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