What is Clinical Waste?

The regulations surrounding clinical waste require that it must be correctly sorted before it is collected and finally disposed of. In order to accurately sort clinical waste into a separate waste stream, businesses need to posses a detailed knowledge of what constitutes clinical waste. At Big Green, we can provide you with the specialist advice and services you need to ensure that all of your clinical waste is correctly sorted, collected and disposed of.

Clinical waste fall into several categories, which are listed below:

Human or animal tissue
Blood or bodily fluids
Drugs and other pharmaceutical products
Swabs or dressings
Syringes, needles and other sharp medical instruments

Much clinical waste, including the clinical waste listed above, is classified as hazardous waste. This means that it is subject to a multitude of strict regulations to ensure that it is disposed of in an appropriate manner. It is a criminal offence to dispose of clinical waste in any way contravenes the relevant regulation. Businesses and organisations found to dispose of their clinical waste via illegal means can be subject to unlimited fines. Therefore, if your business produces clinical waste, it is essential that you are capable of correctly identifying and disposing of that waste.

Government guidelines says that for waste management practices to comply with regulatory requirements, appropriately authorised waste management services need to be procured. At Big Green, we are experts in waste management and can offer you the professional services you require to ensure that all your clinical waste is collected and disposed of in compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations.

Clinical waste cannot be disposed of along with other waste, and our experts can provide you with the advice you need to ensure that you are correctly separating the clinical waste your organisation or business produces. The expert waste management services we provide are available to businesses and organisations across the UK, with clients in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The principle of environmental protections resides at the very heart of our waste management service, and we ensure that all the waste we collect in disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. if you are looking for a comprehensive waste management service, we are here for you and can offer:

Expert advice on your waste management processes
Assistance in handling all relevant paperwork, ensuring you have the documentation you legally require
Implementation of best practice on your premises
pre-arranged waste collection schedules
Professional and efficient service, always collecting your waste on time
Bin and bag provision, for the secure and hygienic storage of clinical waste
Waste tracking software, allowing you to track your waste through to its disposal point

As a company with a green ethos, we can help you dispose of all your clinical waste safely and responsibly whilst also helping your business work towards its sustainability goals. Call us today for a free-no-obligation quote on the professional waste management services we can provide for your business.

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