A suburb in Rochdale invaded by a swarm of flies

Plastic recycling plant receives a skip of rotting food by mistake

A suburb of Rochdale has been invaded by a swarm of flies after a plastic recycling plant received a skip of rotting food by mistake.

Homes in the district of Smallbridge have been over-run with hundreds of flies, after a skip of rotting food waste was sent to the plastic recycling company ABC Recycling Ltd, on Dye House Lane.


Residents invested by swarm of flies from waste firm

Halifax Road, Rochdale


The infestation even forced a local pub, The Greengate Hotel, on Halifax Road, to stop saving meals, when a swarm of over 200 flies invaded their kitchen. The closure caused the pub to lose £800 in takings.

One resident, Andrea Walton, who lives on Ashbrook Crescent, said that she had ‘hundreds’ of flies in her home.

Andrea said: “It’s bad. There are hundreds of flies in my house, circling around my back door and on the windows. I have to put a piece of paper over my hot and cold drinks as I end up with a few dead in it.”

Staff from the Environment Agency have had to make regular visits to the plastic recycling centre and pesticides have been sprayed at the site to deal with the incident. The Environment Agency will continue to monitor the centre until the problem has been fully resolved.

A spokesperson from the Environment Agency said: “ABC Recycling hold an exemption to store and treat plastic waste.”

The manager of ABC Recycling Ltd, Mr Habib Ihsan, confirmed that the site did mistakenly receive one skip of rotting food waste and that it was put into landfill. He went on to say that the mistake was being dealt with and that they are working closely with the Environment Agency.

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