Welsh town sets up petition to stop recycling centre closure

Buckley residents concerned about the proposed closure of their popular household recycling centre

Residents in the Welsh town of Buckley have launched a petition to the council to prevent the closure of the local household recycling centre.

Flintshire County Council is due to close three recycling centres across the district, including in Buckley, Flint and Connah’s Quay. According to Buckley councillor, Dennis Hutchinson, the council has been ‘skewing’ the facts in favour of the recycling centre at Nercwys, near Mold.


Flintshire could close three of its recycling centres

Flintshire County Council HQ


Councillor Hutchinson said that the Buckley recycling centre is the most used site of the six that are located throughout Flintshire. Figures suggest that the Buckley recycling site processed more waste material last year compared to any of the other sites.

Flintshire County Council figures show that Nercwys recycled 75.1 per cent of the 5,103 tonnes of waste it processed last year. While Buckley processed 6,797 tonnes of household waste and recycled 68.8 per cent.

A report produced for Flintshire’s Environment and Overview Scrutiny Committee said that the Buckley site has a poor recycling rate and that it was too small and was in the midst of protected land.

Councillor Hutchinson said: “I have grave concerns over the proposed closure of arguably one of the best managed and maintained sites in Flintshire, serving a great deal of residents.”

Residents living in and around Buckley agree with Councillor Hutchinson and have set up a petition to Flintshire Country Council to try and stop the closure of the much-used recycling centre. The petition has now reached almost 30,000 signatures and residents believe that the council cannot now ignore this level of protest.

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Sainsbury’s tackle food waste by ending BOGOF offers

Supermarket Sainsbury’s is to phase out “buy one get one free” offers

The British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has announced that it will begin phasing out “buy one get one free” offers in its stores in order to reduce overall prices for its customers and to help households reduce food waste.

Sainsbury’s have said that the BOGOF deals should be completely phased out of their supermarkets by August this year, but their customers will not lose out as overall prices will be lowered. From August, the supermarket will run only seasonal multi-buy deals on a select range of products at specific times of the year.

Sainsbury's to end BOGOF offers by Autumn

Sainsbury’s to end BOGOF deals


The decision comes as pressure increases on western supermarkets to take action against global food waste.

As Asda focuses on increasing the public’s desire for ‘wonky’ vegetables and fruit, the Tesco CEO is leading a global food waste campaign, named Champaign 13.2, along with 30 other representatives from businesses, organisations and governments across the world.

The Money Advice Service (MAS) said that special offers and product promotions offered in supermarkets often lead to consumers buying more than they had intended to and more than they needed. Research carried out by MAS suggest that customers spend £11 more than anticipated per each grocery shop.

Sainsbury’s food commercial director, Paul Mills-Hick, has said that the initiative comes as customers are changing the way that they shop for groceries. He said: Customer shopping habits have changed significantly in recent years, with people shopping more frequently – often seeking to buy what they need at that moment in time.”

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