Three men fined for illegal Worcestershire waste business

Quarry business owners fined for breaching their environmental permit

The owners of a quarry in Worcestershire and their company, Broadly and Parton Limited, have been fined almost £50,000 following a “particularly complex prosecution” by the Environment Agency.

The owners of Cinetic Quarry, situated in Wildmoor, appeared before HHJ Pearce Higgins QC in magistrates’ court, accused of breaching the terms of their environmental permit. The two businessman and a member of their staff all pleaded guilty to the environmental offences.

The prosecution follows a two-year investigation by the Environment Agency, which repeatedly issued Cinetic Quarry with regulation notices, all of which went unanswered and ignored.

The Environment Agency said that the quarry owners had been carrying out illegal waste disposal activity at their site, which was in breach of their environmental permit and, from which, they had gained financially for a number of years. According to the agency’s investigations, the owners had allowed the burial of industrial and municipal waste at the quarry.

The owners argued that the Environment Agency had exaggerated the extent of the financial gains which the company had made by breaching the terms of the permit. Judge Pearce Higgins QC accepted this explanation.

The three defendants must pay fines totalling £18,750 and costs of £30,250. Two other men were also successfully prosecuted by the agency for illegally dumping waste at the quarry site.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “This site posed a risk to the environment and had the potential to harm human health because it did not have the correct infrastructure in place to support the waste being disposed of there.”

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