Toilet waste horrors lurking on UK train tracks

It’s been discovered that one in 10 of Britain’s train carriages dispose toilet waste directly onto the railway tracks.
Presenter Mary Rhodes took a journey across the West Midlands to discover the degree of the problem and was surprised to locate raw sewage on rail lines and at railway stations.
She also met with Susan Lea from north Wales who has experienced toilet waste from trains on a closeby railway line.
But does toilet waste from trains pose a threat to the railway and general public workers? BBC Inside Out requested Dr Martin Cox from Coventry University to test random samples from track tracks for analysis.
The findings revealed there might be possible risks to public health from raw sewage being found on railway lines.
The Rail Delivery Group, which represents Britain’s train operating companies, told Inside Out the industry is investing millions of pounds on new trains with sealed toilet tanks and that they’re retro-fitting some older trains.