Waste Management Glasgow

Waste management is a key consideration for businesses across Glasgow and at Big Green, our Glasgow-based team can help those businesses get their waste management concerns under control. Supplying waste storage containers, collecting all types of waste and always disposing of waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, our green waste management solutions are comprehensive.

We work with our clients every step of the way, providing them with the expert knowledge they require to sort and dispose of waste legally whilst also providing the practical apparatus which enables them to do so.

We work with businesses and organisations operating in a wide range of different sectors. From hospitals and GP’s practices looking to safely and securely dispose of clinical waste to firms in the banking sector looking to destroy confidential waste, we offer services to meet all waste disposal requirements.

The extensive services our Glasgow-based team provide includes the collection and disposal of:

Confidential waste
Food waste
Clinical waste
Sanitary waste
Hazardous waste
Waste oil

In addition to this, we also provide recycling services for:


We are passionate about the protection of the environment and work with our clients to help them recycle as much of their waste as possible. Recycling waste not only protects the environment through creating a situation where less natural resources are consumed for the creation of energy, it also help the business we work with save money.

Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 stipulate that paper, glass, metal and glass must be collected separately. Businesses, therefore, are legally obligated to ensure that this happens. However, doing so is beneficial to them as it allows them to cut their costs through avoiding the heavy taxes attached to the use of landfill sites.


Cost-effective waste management in Glasgow
Reliable and efficient collections
Zero waste to landfill target

Commercial Waste Management Glasgow

clinical-waste-hoverWorking with a professional waste management company is essential for businesses and organisations that want to ensure that they do not contravene UK waste legislations. At Big Green, our Glasgow-based experts are here to help businesses, providing them with the expert advice they require to ensure they correctly separate their waste before collection.

In the event that waste is disposed of illegally, business owners could face unlimited fines and even a custodial sentence. With the costs of non-compliance being set at such a high bar, no business or organisation can afford to take their waste disposal obligations lightly. With Big Green, you can ensure your business is working with a fully-licensed waste management service, providing you with the tools you need to store and dispose of all your waste legally and safely.

Call our Glasgow offices today for a free-no-obligation quote on our services. We can offer you the services your business needs to tackle all of its waste management concerns in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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