West-London residents outcry over fly-tipping

Homeowners on in the area surrounding High Road, Chiswick have condemned fly-tippers  leaving piles of rubbish littering the streets.

Cardboard boxes, bin bags and old furniture are among the items which residents say have been left blighting the area.

Photo of West LondonThe London Borough of Hounslow has been the subject of criticism by many of those affected by the fly-tipping, with some claiming that the council is incapable of keeping the streets clean.

Writing on local blog Chiswickw4.com, Carl Wynne said: “Hounslow council clearly do not bother to impose any form of code of conduct around retail premises and private refuse collection companies, nor prosecute domestic refuse dumpers.”

Speaking about the issue of fly-tipping in the area, Leader of Hounslow Council Steve Curran said that people living in Chiswick were quite right to complain and that he shared their disgust.

He went on to try and reassure those affected and said “We will be improving collection services and issuing more fines to those who persistently litter.”

Council statistics show that has 11 fines have been issued across Chiswick High Road and Turnham Green Terrace in the last two weeks alone.

243 environment-related Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued by the council this year.