Wood recycling firms concerned following new EA guidelines

Waste business owners are worried about the EA’s new fire prevention plan

The owners of waste wood firms across England are being encouraged by the Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA) to lobby their local MPs, as its claims the Environmental Agency’s new fire prevention regulations are “not fit for purpose”.

The Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) has not yet been officially adopted by the Environmental Agency, but its consultation period has now ended and a final decision is to be made. The Environmental Agency has confirmed that it received 126 responses from businesses, organisations and individuals involved within the waste industry.

Wood Recyclers’ Association advises wood waste firms to lobby MPs against EA's fire regulations

Waste wood recyclers are worried about the future


The new Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) will effect all businesses dealing with combustible waste, including those dealing with waste wood and waste tyres, to name just a couple.

The Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA) has said that many individuals within the wood waste industry are worried about the consequences if the new plan comes into effect. Chairman of the WRA, Andy Hill, told letsrecycle.com that these individuals “genuinely fear for their livelihoods going forward”.

Some of the new regulations proposed in the FPP, include woodpile sizes and spaces between woodpiles; limiting burn-time to 3-4 hours; increasing stock-rotation timescales; and limiting storing periods.

Each waste company will also be required to produce a Fire Prevention Plan, which the Environmental Agency must approve.

Mr Hill told letrecycle.com that many of the proposed regulations are not based on any scientific research. He added: “…we would like the fire and rescue service to have more input at a local level. The WRA believes one size cannot fit all circumstances and we are hopeful we will be able to work with the EA on this going forward.”

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