Croydon crackdown on illegal waste traders

In a clampdown on rogue waste traders as part of the “Don’t Mess With Croydon” campaign, Croydon Borough Council has vowed to prosecute those found using the illegal services.

Waste in Croydon must be removed by either a fully-licensed waste management service or by council services.

croydon waste management

The council has spoke out to warn businesses and residents in Croydon that the use of rogue traders will result in prosecution and could lead to a court appearance, fines and a criminal record for those found guilty.

Speaking about the threat posed by illegal waste traders, councillor Mark Watson said: “Rogue traders, including unlicensed waste carriers, and fly-tipping are very real threats to residents and their communities.

“In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen two high-profile cases of fly-tipping that have left the council with a bill for tens of thousands of pounds in clearance charges – money that, at the end of the day, comes out of council taxpayers’ pockets.”

Now the council are advising that anyone looking to procure waste management services should check that the company they are looking to work with can provide paperwork to show they are a fully-licensed service.

Those looking for waste management services are also advised to avoid cold calls and paying for services in cash.